5-19-18) Turn the page.

Be not afraid, just turn a page.

let me hold your tears,

let me wipe away your fears,

look into the heavens you will see that i am there,

let me take away the pain,

the thorn of your anger,

let me fill it with love , open your heart to me ,

let me break down that wall,

let me open your eye’s, let me help you realize,

the precious gift you hold inside,

the soul that is a diamond in the rough , please turn the pages,

be filled with the knowledge , wisdom and truth ,

see the book in front of you ?,

i do, with every turned page , i will give my love to you .

just turn the page.


NOTE: wow its been ages since i had a poetic funk. hope you all liked it


10-28-12) “Unbreakable”


Love, should be a simple word.

One that has been embedded

since birth.

Ahh yes you taught me well,

like a needle that


my memory with visions

of  stained  glass.

a rainbow dance of the mind,

a colorful  blast.

I write this in memory of you.

why is it then I play this other tune ?.

the thought of loosing you .


fall down my cheek, looking for the

words before I speak.


not forgotten.


Ahh yes Love you taught me well

I’m caught in your


spell .