11-16-14) note to the readers

no dont worry , i’m not depressed , and i would never kill my self.  some cheer full stuff coming , lately i just wanted to go there in my brain, i’m ok really.

hugs  !!!!!!!!


11-16-14) Suicidal Glove

Suicidal Glove


why, why,

these locked feelings


like a tight fit glove going for the


deceit, lack of trust,

just like the color of rust.

running, flowing , a hotbed of blood.

your dishonesty,  , not even the equivalent of love.

i dare you to show me this light,

i dare you to get me to


my life,

as i sit here holding this knife.

how do i begin this ?.

or do i even end

this ?.

guess what, you lose ,

for only i hold the key to my own life.

why is the hour-glass still full ?, why is there just my own foot prints in the sand ?.

my shadow no longer fallows me .

can’t you see, can you even hear

me ?.

i no longer wear the glove

on my hand,

first i must write my name

in the sand.


6-21-11) Why This Pain

“Why This Pain”

Why do I feel this way .

Why this pain

Why do I shed these tears .

What do I fear, when your forgiving

Love is near

Why this pain when I close

My eyes

A tear  streaming down my cheek like

Razor-sharp glass.

I just want to wipe out the


Alcohol in my hand , makes  me feel like I can.

As   my eyes go crazy,  jerky,  hazy .

Why this pain

I need another drink, so I can sit here

and write and think.

6-21-11) When I Think Of You

“when I think Of You”

I stand here in heaven looking down

Watching you

I wish I can just spread my wings

and fly too you , but

like you ,  I must wait too.


As I stand here looking out onto the

ocean blue wishing

I can be up there with you

I stand here wishing you was near

As I shed a single tear.

my soul sings the blue’s ,  I know my time

will come to be with you

I know I must wait too.

some day my heart will sing

and my soul will spread its wings .

Until then my heart will wait

As I think of you .