9-30-13) Be Forever Free

“Be Forever Free”

(note about this poem, is at the bottom)


when your time comes,

be forever free.

forever free like the endless sea.

your love will live in our hearts, like a sliver

in our memories,

never ending, forever sending.

when your time comes,

be forever free,

forever sending to the highest mountain

in your dream.

forever flying, forever free.

when your time comes, be forever free,

like a never ending river,

where your love will be remembered forever.

be forever free as far as wisdom

will let you see.

fallow your vision, fallow your dream.

fallow it like the endless sea and be forever free


“now why i wrote Poem”

normally i dont explain poems, i know i will rewrite this one here,

did not know i left so much out in my time of grief and sadness, when i had it printed in my Moms obits.

i left out the part of the eagle , there was supposed to be an eagle in the poem.

my Mom died of cancer, at the age of 66, she would be 81 today, if she was still alive.

before she passed away two things happened,

1) she dreamed about being in the mountains and the air was so clean and she felt happy.

2) while she was sitting on the couch staring out of her sliding glass doors an eagle swooped down and through her yard and flew off, she loved that.

so ya i might rewrite this poem. after all i was not thinking straight .

i miss her still.


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