5-8-12) ” In my shadow “

” In my shadow “

in my shadow , i feel so dark .

looking in my mirror i see that

my eyes have lost their spark.

i stand here in the streets of my

own past, stuck here , hoping that

my shadowed thoughts wont last.

i ask myself why i feel this way

as i watch the tree’s dance and sway.

trying so hard to show me the way ,

i smile as if i feel their vibration, like

a song , a melody with out ryme or

reason .

i look deep inside , looking for my

wings of flight pushing away all

this false reason.

the answer is right there for the

taking , my soul singing in delite

, as i take my first flight towards

all that i have not forsaken.

which is my birth right as i walk out

of the shadow away from my past,

never looking back.

as i look into the light .

my freedom is my right .

my wisdom is my third sight.

as i claim what is mine,

that of which is my birthright .


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