3-14-11) If a Rose Could Talk

“If a Rose Could Talk”

If a rose could talk what would it say ?

will you love me , will you stay ?

what do I have to do to be the rose in your heart ?

What do I have to give to make your

bloom this way ?

what can I say to make to make your hurt go

away ?

when you touch me my soul aches with

renewal of life a new day.

your sorrow saddens me like the dew on my leaves like tears.

pick me to lead you the way

let me touch your face as the moon light sings you too sleep

let my roots embrace you with

passion and longing,

let my will bring back a long forgotten memory

to a time of truth, a time of power, too a time when

we were one with destiny and a path of strength.

If a rose could talk what would it say ?

will you love me?, will you stay ?.






2 thoughts on “3-14-11) If a Rose Could Talk

  1. I saw your forum post and decided to check the poetry out. And I am indeed impressed 🙂
    I love the metaphors used here (especially the dew and roots part!) and I love the symmetry as well (the start and end being the same) which is very well done!
    Now I can be a bit of a grammar freak, so I will advise you to start every line with a capital letter, it will make your work look much better and professional.
    Keep up the writing! 🙂

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