3-14-11) Empty Pain

“Empty pain”


look into my eyes, see the pain

you caused ?.

My soul an empty wasteland without life.

Darkness falls, I feel nothing, like a rose that could not shed its thorns.

I touch it, feel its sorrow pricking me,

hmmmmm, did I feel that?!

I ask so many times and yet you  say nothing.

do I deserve no answers ?, is this a test of faith ?

one should wonder.

so i walk down a new path holding the rose of the dead,

blood dripping from my finger tips from

where the thorns had stuck.

and so I move one,  I alone will decide  my own fate,  my destiny and my eternity.

so if this displeases you , then show your self.

Deserve it, earn it,  or say nothing.

I am the key,  you are the lock.

so tell me,

what are you going to do ?.

2 thoughts on “3-14-11) Empty Pain

  1. oh my gosh this is good.
    you’re writing out everything i feel; the emptiness, the hollow, the uncertainty, and the fading faith.
    i just have one question, what does ‘I ask so many times and yet you say nothing.’ really mean? who are you talking to?

    anyway, i love your writing. keep it up, write what your heart tells you to and it will amaze people. 🙂

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