12-14-10), “ONE LITTLE STAR”

i wrote this poem for a dear friend of mine, who went to heaven, i will miss her.


I wonder by the name.
why it not sound the same.
why I feel sad, even though I know
our friend ship will  always last,
for ever and a day.

not even the sadness of your
passing will take that away.

I look up into the night , its glitter
shining the night, showing you the
way, yes that’s right ,
one little star, like a heart of love,
yep that’s right ,
its gods shining love,

you on one side , I on the other,
showing  the world the love we
each have for one
and another, like sisters of a
flower that blooms forever.

that one little star so up high and
afar ,  shows us in this way that love
is not far away,

for you and I are sisters for ever and a day.
this is how love shows us this way.

in our hearts,
on this day,
gods heart beating bright,
up high in the starry night,

all this from one little star.
your more then a friend to me,
my sister.


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