Jun 21, 2009:two very old poems

here are a couple of very old poems i did, both were done in the early years ,oh sometime between 2000 and 2003.

i first posted them on poetry.com
its a cool site where you can read other peoples stuff.
but dont buy  into the hype , its a scam , but still a cool site.

ok here are the 2 old poems.
“A past inside me”

Life seems strange somehow as if it turns
like the colors of autumn yet only to fall
like the memories of a past almost forgotten.

I walk down a darkened path lighted by my
thoughts from an unwelcome guest,

a piece of a puzzle from the depths of
my mind i can not yet see.

I hate the fogginess inside my head, nothing
but random thoughts.

Sometimes i feel there is a part of me
that has lived a long time like an elder
with a bronze sword touched by an ancient


“Why Brother Crow”

oh brother crow why did you steal from me,
why does my life feel like a stolen ring.
my heart broken my wings unspoken,my life a
broken ring.

i trusted myself to trust you ,weak and sick
was you,oh brother crow why did you steal
from me.

was you angry was you sad?, no excuse for
what we had, i was your little sister
brother crow, why did you steal from me.

as i pray to father crow to send me word,
but went unspoken,a living feeling ,a living piece
of me broken.

oh why did you steal from me brother crow.

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