“truck stop suicide”

this is about my second oldest brother , its sad, sorry about that.

truck stop suicide

here I’m sad.
siting here depression resides
on the inside.
living on the outside
dying on the inside.
in my truck.
at a truck stop.
thinking of my
thought of my fears
of the growing years,
how age only strengthens that fear,
I feel maybe I don’t love me.
I hate these recurring thoughts of suicide.
but I cant help it ,
these thoughts of my
planned demise,
I can no longer hold me,
I stop trying to light the candle of
hope, but I forgot to leave a good-bye note,
now the people I left behind,
they keep on guessing on the word “why”.

I wish i can say that I’m sorry,
that I foolishly left this life behind me,

here I sit at this truck stop.
so sad I did not have the strength to make it stop.
don’t make the same mistake I’ve done.

I wish I could have lived on in life.

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