Poem: “Why”


why are there so many things on
my mind.

there’s no reason.
there’s no rhyme.

why does time have to end
when there so much for me to send

the love in my heart, where
do I begin, where do I start.

your guiding love, your hand of truth.
I close my eyes, not knowing where
to find you .

you give me a key, hoping that I would
see  the path you giveth me.

my mind so clouded, I cant see the message you give me.

you bring angels, with wings of flight
in hopes to restore my minds sight.

I sing with joy, I sing in Psychic  delight.

for I now see the light, I see the truth .
I see my path which is also my

your my confidant, your my armor, your
my knight,

together we fight for what is right, in life as well as in death.

my spirit which is I, continues to live.

I’m now the angel of light.
wings of flight.

Holder of the key.

Written by Karen(owner of this blog-Me)

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